Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities for Black men and women

We help Black men and women find lucrative job opportunities as well as report upon new careers that may be of interest to African-Americans. Although African Americans have an unemployment rate almost double that of the overall population, the Black workforce is very diverse. Under Affirmative action, both White women and Black women have been the biggest percentage gainers, while Black men have continued to lag in Job Opportunities.

Job Opportunities Determined by Threats to White Women

Black Job Opportunities

Black Job Opportunities

In America, many factors are determined by race. This is an unfortunate fact. Job Opportunities for Black males are not the same for Hispanic males or Asian males because these men are not viewed as threatening to the white woman. Only the Black man is a threat to making white women happy in general, and making their vagina satisfied in particular. History proves that Asian and Hispanic men have never and do not currently represent any sort of threat to All-American white women regardless of the numbers of men that these women may be currently dating or married to. The employment and unemployment statistics bear facts that report the African-American male continues to face huge obstacles in white-collar job opportunities. Consider these statistics, as reported by the Occupational Labor Outlook.

White Men Reward White Women and Black Women with Management Job Opportunities Per Affirmative Action Polices. White men believe that Black women will be White Mans’ Pet.

As recently as 2011, 33% of Employed Black women had jobs in management or professional occupations compared to just 23% of employed Black men. When you enter many white-collar establishments, it is common to see many African-American women hold management positions. This is no coincidence. Men, being men, prefer to hire women they can control or manipulate, and eventually flirt with. Consequently, when management opportunities arise, the hiring men (which invariably are Asian or White men) will choose white or Black women. Many times, Black women are hired as management authority over white women. The American white male, despite it being in 2015, has a deep sense of fear of hiring qualified and attractive Black men and having these men work alongside white women. Blatant racism may have changed since 1960, but substantial institutional racism still exists. The hiring statistics of Black women over black men bear out this fact, and leads to a false sense of accomplishment by many black women. Black women are being hired by these white male managers not because they are better qualified, buy they are the most likely to be a corporate pet and personified reflection (hating black men, etc) of the white man; a role many white women will reject. This black-male gender racism creates an unstable ratio of professional black women/professional black men, and leads to Black women considering dating white men.

Statistics Support Racism towards Black Male in Hiring for Job Opportunities

64% of working African American women hold “white collar” occupations compared to 50% of African American men. Thirty six percent of employed Black men hold “blue collar” occupations compared to 8% of Black Women Because the federal government was one of the first to integrate, African Americans into the work force. What does all of these statistics mean? The African-American male should not go begging for jobs, but must use his skill to create his own job or must educate himself to be qualified for jobs that require an education. Whereas the Black woman is willing to sleep with her white male employer, the typical white woman or Black man is not willing to lower themselves to the level of imitate contact with men that are considered as oppressive, offensive, or simply unattractive. Therefore, Black men facing bleak job opportunities must become better educated or develop skills suitable for self-employment.