Peter Liang Refused to use Kung-Fu. Dirty Oriental Cop Guilty of Manslaughter Against Black American

Peter Liang Refused to use Kung-Fu. Dirty Oriental Cop Guilty of Manslaughter Against Black American

Peter-Liang is a dirty Oriental cop

Peter-Liang is a dirty Oriental cop

By Special Correspondent:Brotha Ron. Dirty Oriental Cop Peter Liang Refused to use Kung-Fu. Guilty of Manslaughter Against Black American. Justice! An honest, law-abiding New York jury convicted wicked cop Peter Liang for his role in the brutal death of a brother in New York. A jury of seven American men and five American women convicted the stinking officer Peter Liang of second-degree manslaughter and official misconduct. The misconduct charge is rooted in the fact that Oriental Peter Liang apparently failed to perform CPR on Akai Gurley. Mr. Gurley was an unarmed Black man who was minding his own business in a Brooklyn housing project. Oriental Peter Liang and his partner Shaun Landau, both of whom have since been fired by the NYPD, were conducting a vertical patrol of a stairwell on Nov. 20, 2014, in the Brooklyn Housing project. For an unsubstantiated reason, Oriental NYPD cop Peter Liang fired his gun in total darkness in a manner consistent with Orienal driving on U.S. highways: reckless, careless, and clumsy. Peter Liang had every opportunity to use his Martial Arts skills of Kung Fu and other Kick-boxing, but instead he fired a bullet in total darkesss like a coward. According to the media, Oriental Cop Peter Liang claimed he heard a “quick sound” to his left — a sound that startled him — and then he fired a bullet aimlessly in the air. Coward! Hello Peter Liang. Why not simply cover your eyes the next time, or put the panties of a White Woman over your face.

Stupid Chinese-American Cop Fired Bullet in total Darkness

Nearly all Oriental groups agree that Chinese-Oriental men and their daughters are a group of immoral buffoons. Consider the case or “subHuman” Chong-Hwa Chang, 42, of Delran; she confessed to having sex with an inmate more than 20 times while she was employed at New Jersey State Prison. The U.S. media has suppressed medical reports as to her HIV/Herpes/Zirka-virus status. It was immoral, criminal, and unethical for Korean/Chinese tramp Chong-Hwa Chang to engage in this despicable behavior. It was also outrageous for a licensed NYPD police officer to refuse CPR to a dying Black American man who was the victim of stupifity, recklessness, and manslaughter. The bullet fired by Dirty Oriental Cop Peter Liang ricocheted off the wall of a pitch-dark stairwell and struck 28-year-old Gurley, who had entered from the seventh floor with his friend Melissa Butler. A Black man in Brooklyn housing projects apparently can’t even date a girl without a clumsy Oriental cop like Peter Liang firing his weapon in the dark like his sisters drive their cars on the streets.

Anti-American Chinese-Americans Protest a Legal Jury Verdict Against Peter Liang

Anti-American Chinese-Americans Protest a Legal Jury Verdict Against Peter Liang. American Prosecutors said that after Oriental Peter Liang cowardly fired his bullet into total darkness and striking an innocent man, neither Liang nor Landau called it in to supervisors, even though both had working radios and cellphones. Rather helping this dying Black American man, Peter Liang acted like a typical Oriental punk and created an sxcuse: he claimed that he felt “unqualified to perform CPR on Gurley because he was given answers to the exam at the Police Academy and never had a chance to practice on a mannequin.” In other words, her perjured himself to qualify as a New York Police officer, and frauduletly represented himself as trained and qualified when in fact he was not.

Banana Cop Peter Liang Punished for trying to Emulate White Racism

Despite these facts, Chinese-Americans have been taking to the streets protesting the prosecution of a stinking criminal like Peter Liang. Their pathetic argument is trying to compare Oriental Peter Liang to an American Caucasion. Here we go again. Chinese-American men have always enjoyed the privilege of being “non-threats” in this country, and when they can’t be “white”, they cry racism. Too bad!! Stop trying to act like a racist white, and instrad act like a legitimate citizen! Stop protesting, and accept the verdict of the U.S. jury. Your Chinese-American son should have been charged with Murder; that is rhat he is! Peter Liang is a MURDERER!!!! The outrageous protests by the Oriental community simply confirm they can’t be trusted to respect U.S. laws and customs.

Blacks Should Boycott Chinese-American Businesses

If the Anti-American Chinese-Americans continue to protest a Legal Jury Verdict Against Peter Liang, then Black Americans should boycott all Chinese-American businesses. Black Americans should use economics against the Chinese-Americans for failing to participate in our protests when one of our Brothers or Sisters were killed by criminal police. ONLY when an Oriental punk like rican Peter Liang was “trying to be a white American male”, did he realize he was not part of the South. Banana Peter Liang deserved to be prosecuted. Now, we have a number of corrupt Chinses Americans trying to illegally intimidate the U.S. Judicial system and make it as corrupt as China.

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